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Buttons and panels » TFT Graphical TFT Display för elevators

TFT Graphical TFT Display för elevators


Elevator Displays are available in several different sizes, 7 ", 10.4", 12.1 "and 15.1". The software / hardware platform that forms the basis for all new monitors make it possible to easily use almost all commercially available monitors with resolutions up to 1080p.
Touch screen will be available as an option.
With simplicity, the user can configure and create graphically rich configurations for the displays. These configurations can then be transferred to the display via LAN or wireless network, or simply by transferring files to your memory card on display


• Can be installed either in the car or on floors
• Can be configured to operate in landscape or portrait mode
• Virtually unlimited number of floors
• Fully customizable content (video, images, etc.)
• Videos can be stored on the memory card or streamed from the network TV live stream
• The unit comes with microSD memory cards (up to 32GB)
• Font and arrows in any size, shape and color anywhere
• Fully animated graphical interface (60 fps)
• Easy to use configuration software
• Any sound card for audio video and voice messages
• Optional touch screen can be used to simulate the call buttons
• Ability to display node information during a power outage (requires external backup power is supplied to the corresponding contact)
• Adjustable speaker volume (speaker's accessories

available sizes
- 7 "
- 10.4 "
- 12.1 "
- 15.1 "

3.5 "and 5.7" is also available with other configuration software, and not with the Ethernet connection.

This product does not have any accessories