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Complete lift: Metro


Hisselektronik in cooperation with MERICO can supply complete lift solutions, ranging from small residential lifts with 240 kg load capacity to transport lifts (6000 kg).

The range of approved lifts include:
  • Passenger lifts
  • Panoramic Elevators
  • Bed Lifts
  • Hoists

MERICO which is based in Switzerland and Hungary was founded in 2003 and has its own production.

Along with Hisselektroniks own control system, we can deliver modern and customized lift solutions, which are leading in technical development, operational safety and ride comfort.

MERICO "builds" up the lift in a 3D application based on your requirements and dimensions.
Based on this and wishes regarding the control system functions, we will send you a quotation for a complete lift.

When you order the project, we follow up with installation drawings and your consent to commence the manufacture of your lift.

The normal delivery time depending on whether it is a complete lift or only support frame, is about 8-12 working weeks of technical ready-made orders.

Examples of installation drawings
All drawings are protected by copyright law
 Examples of 3D drawings
All drawings are protected by copyright law
Basket and Shaft Basket and Shaft
Shaft view Shaft view
Engine room  Support frame
This product does not have any accessories