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Controllers » Cabinet LX308 MRL

Cabinet LX308 MRL


Cabinet LX308 MRL is designed for machine room free lifts and has fully implemented CANopen Lift support. 2x CAN interfaces, CAN1 for basket, CAN2 for excavation. Drive systems from Ziehl-Abegg. The cabinet has the standard dimensions 2000x400x300 and can be delivered either with the drive in the enclosure (up to 40A) or on the side.

LX308 MRL, a control system for lifts without machine. 
The system can handle up to 8 lifts in the group, with a maximum of 64 floors and control of the four-door machines. 
Apart from features and additions only one car cable is needed, and in combination with any of our floor display or IO cards a minimum number of leaders are needed in the shaft trunk. 
LX308 MRL Supplied as standard with: 
  • Minimum 10 spare terminals in enclosures and korgtakslåda 
  • Object labeled schematics 
  • Document Holder 
  • Cabinet Plan 
  • Degree of protection IP44 gray 1000x800x300 
  • Single Door 
  • Control Fuses in cabinet 
  • Cabinet Lighting 
  • Cabinet Fan 
  • Breaker 10A 30mA 
  • Wall mount "hook assembly" 
  • Fitting / Återkörningsdon with 3M cable 
  • Positioning AWG absolute encoder for toothed belt 
  • Korgtakslåda with basket CPU CANopen-Lift 
  • Basket Cable flat 
  • Drive systems Ziehl-Abegg 

Hisselektroniks apparatus set can be supplemented with a variety of options from our range, self-made elevator telephones, floor displays and other electronic components, and a selection of quality products, such as automatic doors, panels, frame lock, door switches and elevator equipment from our Partners. 

Hisselektroniks control systems can be distinguished by the following points: 

  • 8 lifts in the group without additional computer group. 
  • Shaft information with CANopen Lift absolute encoders. 
  • Top plane up to 15 mm. 
  • Interface to the frequency control CANopen lift. (DCP03-04 are available on request). 
  • Service interval adjustable relative to the starter, change of direction, operation time and periodic dates. 
  • Remote monitoring and fault diagnostics with software WinMOS ® 300 over 3G, 4G, or Ethernet. 
  • Power management "Blue Modus" in 7 steps. 
  • Direct approach to floor and optimized körkurva independent of the distance between the planes. 
  • The number of cables is increasing not be it for 2 floors or group control of up to 8 lifts and 64 floors. 
  • CANopenLift CiA 417 is an open standard for lifts and enables other vendors' products can be connected to the same CAN bus.

Recommended accessories
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