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Folding door: Kiekert


Robust folding door particularly suited for demanding environments where space for a car door is completely missing in the shaft.

Kiekert Folding doors are available in models:



  • K4F for dimensions up to 1050mm in an asymmetrical design. The left or right door leaves shorter, excellent solution to avoid changing the car registry or other existing installations.
  • K4F for engineering measurements up to 1200mm and M4F installation dimension from 1200mm up to 2600mm in symmetrical design, both door panels are the same width.
  • M4F with folding to one side, a door panel left or right for solutions regarding confined applications.




  • Windows, supplied in pairs.
  • Visible inside clad with stainless steel.
  • Powder coating to RAL scale.


Thanks to its robust design the door is delivered without sill track for dimensions up to 1700mm.


Control of the door can be performed either with CANopen Lift, existing låsbanematare via relay, or open/close signals from the lift control system.


Kiekert Vikdörr has been in production since 1972 and has delivered more than 60,000 copies since the start. The door is a very sturdy folding door, adapted to the rugged environments often found. Kiekert Vikdörr is developed by experiences from train door production.

This product does not have any accessories