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Doors & Gates » Industry door: MEILLER

Industry door: MEILLER


Enhanced industrial door that meets the extreme demands on strength and reliability which makes it an ideal choice for Vehicle lifts and hoists in heavy industrial environments.

  • Automatic Doors 
  • Parsing puncher doors. 
Sizes (depending on model): 
  • Width: 700-5000mm 
  • Altitude: 2000-5000. 
  • Ball bearing support rollers from 65-120mm. 
  • Option for oil-resistant bearing rollers. 
  • Solid steel thresholds for high point loads. 
  • Interchangeable threshold without removing the door panel. 
  • Variable in controls. 
  • Fronts in 2.5-5mm plate. 
  • Door panel in 2mm galvanized double plate. 
  • Internal strengthening ribs in a sandwich construction. 
  • Automatic Doors and parsing puncher doors with fire class EN 81-58 E120 standard. 
Control of the door can be performed either with CANopen Lift, existing låsbanematare via relay, or open/close signals from the lift control system.
This product does not have any accessories