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Lamella door


Robust door particularly suited for demanding environments with slats that goes around the basket wall side.

The lamella door is available for threshold tracks or with concealed sill track. Minimum distance to the shaft wall is 100mm which makes it an excellent solution where it is difficult to fit in a normal car door. 
  • Visible inside covered with stainless steel. 
  • Powder coating to RAL scale. 
  • Hidden threshold at the maximum floor thickness 160mm. 
  • Conventional threshold with threshold track. 
A control of the door can be performed either with CANopen Lift, existing låsbanematare via relay, or open/close signals from the elevator control system. 
The door control is from Siemens. 
The product is tried and tested and has been delivered in Europe for more than 12 years.
This product does not have any accessories