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SL6 Car stations


SLB-­COP2-­L är en talenhet för SL6 som är anpassad för installation bakom korgtablå med begränsat utrymme eller där pinnbultar saknas. Enheten monteras med hjälp av dubbelhäftande tejp, vilket medföljer som standard.

SLB-COP2-L is a voice station for SL6 suited for installation behind the car operating panel, where space is limited or welded bolts are not available. The unit is mounted with the adhesive tape which is included as standard.

An external pictogram and emergency button can easily be connected through a screw connector on the back of the unit.

SLB-COP2-L can be used as a voice station in the car only or as a part of a fire intercom system. Assign the station an identity by using the address selector on the short side of the unit and configure the main unit SL6 to match your desired setup.

This product does not have any accessories