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Hisselektronik's history

Hisselektronik founded by Lars Gustafsson, product range are developed gradually and specifically for the elevator industry's need for control, floor announcing and floor displays.


Business is growing with the development of emergency telephones.

The first GSM based emergency telephones is installed.

The first international distribution agreements signed.

The company moves to its current premises in Tyreso, then 600 square meters, today at 2 800 square meters with room for further expansion.

International expansion intensifies with the establishment of sister company SafeLine Europe in Brussels, the same year appointed Business Week SafeLine Sweden to the "Super Companies" and Dagens Industri ranks Hisselektronik as "Gazelle". Since then, success has continued and we have been awarded these awards every year!

We are expanding Europe's main elevator market, Germany, and is based Safeline Germany.

The founder Lars Gustafsson takes the role of the Group and Development manager. In October takes the decision to buy the software CANopenLift from German Böhnke + Partner and to be in the focus on an open standard for control systems, introduction takes place at the fair Interlift and we receive our first order,  four controller cabinet starting at Oslogatan 36 in Kista. 


Parent Hisselektronik AB changes name to SafeLine Sweden and then forms subsidiary Hisselektronik Sweden AB. Hisselektronik focuses on proprietary solutions for controller cabinets and promote other lift products such as light curtains, buttons, panels and doors. The first elevator door supplied by us in July and the first finished controller cabinets are delivered and installed.
First group control sold and installed on Handelsbanken's head office at Kungsträdgårdsgatan, a total of five elevators.
The first complete lift delivered to Utanfors in Borlänge. 


This year begins the delivery of our biggest project, eight elevators in group at Uppsala University Hospital. Hisselektronik launch control system LX108, the first control systems delivered to customers during the autumn.
We change business system in the spring of 2013, and initiating cooperation with Monitor ERP system.

First complete hydraulic delivered to Kristinedal, Stockholm. Hisselektronik expands partnership with Meiller Aufzugtüren, the first sliding doors are delivered in August.


Hisselektronik Sweden AB breaks out from SafeLine Sweden, ownership structure is retained. The software of THOR and ideas are displayed as a teaser for Interlift fair. Deliveries of sliding doors Meiller takes off.

A year that begins hardworking for us as new investors entered the market and taken shape, product development continues, however, if not even more intensified. The first delivery of "HCD" Hall Call Destination to the former St. Görans gymnasium is done, this will be possible as the Kollmorgen see the benefits of the CANopen Lift and start their journey with the implementation of CANopen Lift. THOR take their first steps at the beginning of the year, a small premiere takes place of THOR in English fair LiftEx followed by two premiere showings in Sweden, Hisselektronik Open House and the Nordic Elevator Fair. In this mode Thor run the new control system with fully Implemented CANopen Lift on the hardware NX-T1. ERS 2G Energy Recovery System appears for the first time and P2S Plug and Single-Phase 1-phase power supply to the entire lift.

Hisselektronik develops LX118 control system, launch is scheduled for the beginning of 2017, the control system will initially be supplied with BP108 and is prepared for THOR later phased in.