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Light curtains » Safety light curtain packade class 2

Safety light curtain packade class 2


Security Classified light curtain package Class 2 with supervised controller.

Allows to complement all types of lifts with safety curtains, and in combination with monitoring FM1 it will be much less disturbing. 
Class 2 is a requirement for exemption from car door 
The package includes: 
  • 1 pair of safety curtains Cegard / Lift 
  • 1 Cedes Control Cegard / Lift LI 
  • 1 power supplier 
  • 1 monitoring FM1 
  • 1 transient 
FM1 unit is developed by Hisselektronik and includes: 
Safety relay for connection directly into the safety circuit. 
Automatic test signal each time the safety is broken. 
Ability to switch bar at rest, low speed or in the door zone. 
FM1 is sold only in packages of Class 2 safety light curtain.
This product does not have any accessories