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EMC testing performed.
On October 27, we went down to Dectron at Öland to get our controller cabinet EMC approved. We loaded the material at 07 pm on Tuesday and arrived at Öland at 11:30 pm.
Inside the hall we rigged controller cabinets and associated materials for the first tests: "Conducted Emissions" and "Airborne emissions". Because of the fact that we have experience of EMC testing we experimented and made measurements on:
  • With and without Ferit core motor cable (near the outgoing conductor of VVVF)
  • Unshielded motor cable
  • With and without EMC cable gland for power ("pig tail").
  • Localization of shielded motor cable.
It was clear that we didn't need to use the EMC gland for machines with frequency operation and that installation of the shield in the control panel to the motor cable can be performed with only two cable ties. ( Assembly and installation instructions are available in the LX manual).
The test without the shielded motor cables clearly showed that it is rather unlikely that you can use unshielded motor cable. There are no manufacturers of frequency controllers that are capable of producing a fully simulated sine wave. Sorry ... a correction. There are a manufacturer, but to use that frequency control is very costly.
Further tests that were approved:

  • Harmonics.
  • Flicker.
  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD).
  • Radio-frequency electromagnetic field.
  • Fast transient.
  • Surges.
  • Induced radio frequency field.
  • Voltage dips and interruptions.
PS.Thank you Fredrik Stegborg for a successful and memorable trip and stay at Öland.

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