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Light curtain Predator
Hisselektronik is now selling the Dutch light curtain Predator 154
After about six months of testing in harsh environments we now stock this very affordable light curtain. 
Separate control for 230VAC power supply with switching relay output is a standard. Predator 154 is approved by TÜV and meets the requirements of EN81. 
Technical spec: 
Light Curtain TX & RX-measure B 9 mm x D 24.5 mm x H 2000 mm 
154 light rays from 23 mm - 1823 mm 
Degree of protection IP54 
<90 ms response time 
4 m connection cable 
0 ~ 4000 mm working area 
-10 ° C ~ +65 ° C temperature 
Controller with 230VAC power supply 
Alternating relay contact COM, NO, NC.

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