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Limax - A new way to position lifts
Limax is an absolute encoder for measuring and positioning lifts consisting of sensors and magnetic tape. The band stores all information as a magnetic code and provides information of the position, speed and direction.
It is installed in the shaft with the included mounting kit. The sensor is mounted on the cabin. The measurement is contact free because the tape must be maintained within a fixed distance to the sensor head. This is performed by the band lying in a fixed track made ​​of polymer.

The magnetic measurement is extremely robust. Dust, dirt and moisture will not affect the measurement in any way. Smoke and high temperatures are other factors that do not have an influence on the measurements.

Limax has a range of heights up to 125 meters and speeds up to 4 m/s with a resolution of 1 mm as standard. Longer range is available on request.
  • Robust absolute sensor system for use in harsh environments
  • Insensitive to dust, dirt, smoke and moisture
  • Easy Installation
  • High accuracy
  • Absolute positioning up to 125 meters as standard
  • Capable of speeds up to 4 m/s as standard
  • Resolution 1 mm and down to 0.25 mm
  • Absolute Positions value is always available and accurate even after power failure
  • Reference sensor is not needed.

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