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Monitored control unit FM1
Hisselektronik has developed controller FM1 to Cedes Cegard LI Class 2. This makes wiring easier, faster and more stable.
FM1 includes: 
  • Safety relay for direct connection into the safety circuit. 
  • Automatic test signal each time the safety is broken. 
  • Ability to switch bar at rest, low speed or in the door zone. 
  • With FM1 Cegard/LI can be used for all types of lifts (even older relay controls). 
  • FM1 makes Cegard/LI less susceptible to interference generated by induction. 

FM1-control is always included when you purchase a Class 2 safety light curtain from Hisselektronik AB. 

FM1 is not sold separately. For more information contact Roger Betzén. 

Learn more about FM1 here!

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