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WinMos® 300


Windows based surveillance programs for monitoring, statistics and monitoring of elevators.

WinMOS ® 300 is a program for monitoring the elevators so operators can easily search for information. Connection is via LAN, your network with external access, or via the 4G modem.
WinMOS ® 300 can monitor up to 100 elevators in the basic package with full access to error statistics, messages, weight in real-time, position, speed, energy consumption, etc., in short, everything needed for diagnosis, programming, statistics and analysis of operating conditions.
WinMOS ® 300 consists of several modules for different purposes.
WinMOS ® 300 Monitoring
monitors elevators in real time and primarily used by operational personnel involved in building the service or operation centers. Monitoring shows up clearly a picture of the lift the status of such parked elevator, elevator in inspection mode, lift that fire evacuates or lift that is in energy saving mode Blue Modus ®.

WinMOS ® 300 Diagnostics
provides the ability to remotely diagnose or reconfigure a lift or lifts in the group, Diagnostics mainly used in service centers for primary controls before or during maintenance and the reported faults. Diagnostics module makes it possible either to identify or fix errors in advance. Diagnostics provides information about how the lift stops in the plane, speed, energy consumption, messages and errors. To correct an error or program a function can be a reflected on the display in the engine room on your screen. All settings can be changed on site can also be changed here. Analysis of how the traffic system works can be easily presented, which means that you get a good picture of how the distribution of the traffic occurs.

WinMOS ® 300 Statistics
WinMOS ® 300 Statistics collect and present data in a clear manner, the data presented and analyzed, among other things: number of trips, operating time, number of door operations, waiting time when calling the elevator, down time, machine room temperature, energy metering, etc.. This data can be used for a presentation of how your particular elevator is feeling.
WinMOS ® 300 Overview
Post your questions and get a good overview of your lifts that are monitored, ranging from an overview of the world, a country, a city, down to an area, the buildings or facilities, you decide what to display. When an error or an event such as backup power evacuation, either a function icon is presented, or you can just lift it zoomed in all the way to the diagnostic level.

WinMOS ® 300 Hardware
used on a regular PC, we Hisselektronik help you with installation of hardware and software.
Böhnke + Partner's monitoring system WinMos ® 300 is a market leader in monitoring software area.
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