What are the advantages of CANopen-Lift?

The advantages of a bus system are obvious. Faster installation, less material, and the ability to identify the cause of faults more quickly. Instead of each unit having its own control system/brain, everything is connected in a network, and information can be used by other units in the network.

Another major advantage is that you are not tied to individual manufacturers; CANopen-Lift provides the freedom to choose your supplier. CANopen-Lift is a standard where everyone is welcome to participate on equal terms, and if a manufacturer has chosen to participate in a standard, the installer/end customer is not bound to that single supplier. Instead, the customer can purchase products from any supplier within the standard.

Therefore, Hisselektronik's system becomes very modular and easy to expand with new features, reprogram, and keep up to date with future developments.

Länk: http://en.canopen-lift.org/wiki/Main_Page