PDF documents should be filled in on a computer. Alternatively, they can be printed out, filled in, scanned, and sent. These documents should not be used digitally on a mobile phone or tablet unless digital compatibility has been ensured.

(Save the document locally on the desktop or a similar location; ensure that the document is opened in a newer version of Adobe Acrobat PDF. Right-click on the link and select "Save link as" or the equivalent.)

If you open the document via a web browser, use the function button "Open in desktop version" or similar, or save a local copy as described above.

OBS! If filling out the document digitally, use Adobe Acrobat PDF for digital compatibility. If the document has been filled out with another program and you cannot use the function buttons at the end to send/save/print, use the menu and select "Save As" (Windows shortcut often: Shift+Ctrl+S) / "Print" (Windows shortcut often: Ctrl+P) or similar. Print to a local printer or directly as a PDF or similar.